At Power4Laptops we have a massive range of chargers on the site. At the last count we had chargers to fit over 129,000 models of laptop. But what if you can't find your model of laptop on the site?

The easiest way to help us find your charger is to fill in the Help Finding a Charger form. The form just asks for some details about your laptop, such as Manufacturer, Model, Input Voltage, Input Amperage.

Most of the information can be found on the label underneath the laptop, often in really small writing. The Input Voltage will read something like **V e.g 19V. The Input Amperage will be something like ***A e.g 3.42A. On HP laptops this information can be sometimes found underneath the battery compartment.

After you have filled in the form we will normally contact you the next business day with a link to a listing so you can buy the correct charger straight away. If we have trouble determining which type of charger you need we may ask for a close up picture of the plug on your old charger or the power socket at the back of your laptop. This helps us find the correct plug size as some manufacturers use different plug sizes.

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